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TEN BAY is on the Caribbean, while DOUBLE BAY can be found off the deeper waters on the Atlantic side. While they share the fact they are only two miles apart mid-way between Palmetto Point and Savannah Sound, the two beach areas are quite different. Ten Bay has mostly calm waters,hidden coves and beautiful sunsets. Double Bay boasts of deep blue ocean, whiter sand, and bigger houses and a longer beach. The houses on Double Bay - as well as its sister beach to the south, Windemere Island - cater to more affluent guests and are more expensive to rent. Where Double Bay and particularly Windemere have played host to the rich and famous, notably the British Royal family, Ten Bay has several affordable vacation rental houses and welcomes those who aren't quite rich yet . . . although a few are!

TEN BAY BEACH. Eleuthera Island could be called the island of broken dreams, since it's been home to many foreign dreamers wanting to develop their own bit of paradise and share it with the world. Ten Bay was once such a place. This beautiful piece of property was laid out for over 200 home sites to be surrounded by the natural beauty of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean and made into a large island club community. The proposed development was to border both major bodies of water and include parts of Double Bay. The owners started the project by constructed the "Tea House" next to a natural lake near the Queen's Highway as a clubhouse for property owners. After many years and several hurricanes later however, the "Tea House" is no longer functional, but can still be seen as a weather-worn landmark to the nearby turn-off gravel road. The main road to Ten Bay is now maintained by the current residents who've built some nice homes to fulfill their own personal dream. Currently, there are only a dozen homes built at Ten Bay, with about half of those directly on the bay. Click Here for more beach pictures.

WHERE TO STAY. If you want to enjoy the ease and beauty of Ten Bay without the distractions of civilization, stay at Bahama Villa, a 2 BR oceanfront villa less than 100 yards from the beach, wading distance. Sitting on a promintory overlooking Ten Bay, this private home with central AC enjoys panoramic views of the entire bay, with both sunrise and sunset. Weekly rent starts at only $995 per week, and the owners have supplied the villa with all the comforts and amenities of home. For more information and an online tour, go to www.BahamaVilla.com.

Welcome to Ten Bay. There is more fish here than you could imagine. Swimming and snorkeling is easy and delightful, and frogs, crickets, egrets and other birds surround you with the sounds of silenceas your worries slip away. Relax, unwind, and enjoy spectacular sunsets and a lonely beach in a place the L.A. Times said "rates a 10-plus . . . like a hideaway straight out of central casting."

BOAT RENTALS. There are neighbors who will rent, but things change quite frequently. The best policy is to just ask around when you arrive.

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DOUBLE BAY BEACH stretches about 5-miles from North Palmetto Point, following Old Queen's Highway around Tongue Point, and to the community of Double Bay, so-called because of adjoining inland ponds that you must cross via a narrow causeway to get to it. Like many Atlantic beachfront communities in Eleuthera, Double Bay's homes are built on the higher elevations overlooking the beach and lined with Palm and Casaurina trees. Since the Atlantic has much higher waves, especially during a hurricane, the terrain has that "dug out" appearance as if some mammoth earth mover has been taking chunks out of it for centuries. During hurricanes the elevation protects the homes from the biggest threat - flooding - but the high winds can be just as destructive.

The diving and snorkeling is wonderful in calm water, especially around the peninsula at the southern end separating Double Bay from Girt Bay. Also check out the shipwreck on the distant reef and the small island called Diamond Cay.

WHERE TO STAY. Many nice homes are available to rent at Double Bay and Windemere, but again, expect to pay anywhere from around $300 to upwards of $1000 USD per night, and most will only rent by the week. If you are part of a large group needing a big house for a nice getaway, or just have the money to splurge, contact Judy McGinty of Bahamas Home Rentals at judy@bahamasweb.com, 1-888-881-2867 or 321-725-9790 for a list of their offerings.

If you have less money or a smaller party, you might also find Unique Village (right) more to your liking. They have rooms and apartments near the beach starting less than $200 a night. Their stretch of beach is a more rocky than further south at the private home area, but the views are just as nice.

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