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Lord McMillan Castle

TARPUM BAY was, until the Spring of 2003, home to one of the great island eccentrics and "leading artist of the Bahamas." This unique resident was truly lord of his castle and self-proclaimed "Artist Extraordinaire" according to the brass plaque that graces his entrance. Of all the sightseers visiting his abode (see above), many would leave his Castle art gallery with a trinket, a painting, or a treasury of stories to relate . . .

Lord McMillan Huge was born in Great Britain but made the islands his exclusive home. His self-built castle gallery was a work of art itself, with strange and exotic twists, turns, symbols, and his unusual artwork media that ranged from tin cans to concrete sculpture to large pieces of plywood. Unfortunately, his legacy ended with his death. His son Byron - it was reported to us - has so far chosen to close down the castle and remove or destroy the remaining artwork. You can still see the castle, however, as a drive by on your way to shopping in Rock Sound or other activites to the south. Lord McMillan will no doubt still be smiling down and bestowing great Huzzahs and blessings on those who make the pilgrimage here.

A 45-minute drive south of Governors Harbour along Queen's Highway, and a little north of Rock Sound, the Tarpum Bay township is a quaint reminder of how life really is on these islands. Fisherman come in with their catch every day around 3:00 pm and you can often buy directly off the boat if you meet them. In the middle of town, you can get directions to anywhere on the island, and catch the address to their township website at TarpumBay.com. There are also great shops, a few restaurants and guest houses here, and colorful churches and homes that dot the small urban landscape. Many of the buildings, however, still bear the reminder that Hurricanes Andrew and Floyd tore through this island in the 1990's, as did the 2004 hurricanes, Frances and Jeanne.

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