Rock Sound

Eleuthera's Largest Settlement

Approaching Rock Sound

ROCK SOUND is about an hour south of Governors Harbour. It is a the largest township on the island and also boasts the largest shopping center on the island - with a bank and an ATM that sometimes works. The township also has medical facilities, gas station, pharmacy, marina, restaurants, and Rock Sound Hardware where Wayne Ingaham (below) can recommend a fishing guide or dive spot. There is a large bay and beach nearby (hey, there's always a beach nearby in Eleuthera!) and an 18-hole Robert Trent Jones golf course further south at Cotton Bay. Bahamian colors can be seen everywhere on buildings and shops. Check out the largest church in town - beautiful St. Luke's Anglican Church by the sea. CLICK on the pictures to enlarge...

Anglican Church  Bahamas Electricity Corp.  Arts & Crafts Shop  Roadside Eats

Super Market  Super Market Aisles  Rock Sound Hardware  Wayne Ingraham

North of town, Rock Sound Airport (RS) is the connecting point for BahamasAir, TwinAir, Southern Air Charter, and affiliates.

Rock Sound International Airport  Rock Sound Airport  Airport Tower  RS Terminal Booths

One of the nicest places to eat is Northside Restaurant located down Ocean Hole Road. Its got a marvelous view of the Atlantic and serves some honest to goodness Bahamian seafood under the palm fronds (at night you can sometimes even hear a crab crawling in the rafters!) Your Hostess Rose can offer you some of her great conch chowder, fried grouper, or other fine Bahamian dishes. She even has 1 and 2-bedroom cottages for rent starting around $100 per night.

Northside restaurant  Northside restaurant  Nortside Beach

Ocean Hole

On the south side of Rock Sound (on the way to Northside), stop and see the famous Ocean Hole. It's an inland saltwater lake that has caves boring under the Caribbean, some believe as far away as Florida! You can swim in it or feed the large fish that congregate at dinnertime. TO GET THERE, take a left in the center of town at the Ocean Hole sign and go about a mile. You will likely see a vendor there selling colorful shirts and gowns.

If you're headed further south, take your golf clubs to Cotton Bay for a few holes or go to the very tip of the island to see the lighthouse at Eleuthera Point. If you are a scuba diver, don't miss the fantastic deep diving adventure off Cape Eleuthera, a right turn up the "hook" of the island. See South Eleuthera for details on what to see and do.

Ocean Hole Vendor
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