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Why Palmetto Point?

PALMETTO POINT is near Governors Harbour, and consists of two smaller communities, North and South Palmetto Point. Although she doesn't have the history her northern neighbor has, Palmetto Point - or "The Point" - has become in recent years a viable island community. The traveler will find here valuable services, friendly people, a wide variety of hotels, oceanfront and beachfront rentals, and a sense that he or she is at home . . . and the beaches are out of this world! Celebrities from around the world - mostly from the USA - frequent this area because of its charm and relative isolation.

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How To Get There

Palmetto Point is about 13 miles south of Governors Harbour Airport and five miles south of GH itself. It is bisected by Queens Highway running from top to bottom of the 100-mile island of Eleuthera, creating North and South townships. This community, like its neighbor Governors Harbour, stretches between the Atlantic and Caribbean, creating a lively commercial center in the middle at the crossroads. Here you can find groceries, sundries, gift items, arts and crafts.

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Things to Do

MateMate and Jenny's

THE BUZZ in the area of Palmetto Point is that visitors love the food. Not, however, what you would expect, like fish, crab, or crawfish (Bahamian Lobster), although these are very popular. The biggest buzz comes when you mention Mate and Jenny's pizza! If you are coming from the south, from Ten Bay or Savannah Sound, come into town and take a left at the intersection. Mate and Jenny's Restaurant is on your right after about 100 yards. Although they serve traditional island dishes, their pizzas get the biggest raves. We particularly like theconch and pineapple pizza chased with a shot of flavored rum! They also have a bar and billiard room, but are closed on Tuesdays. Their number on the island is (242) 332-1504. If you prefer dining in comfort on the oceanfront, try Unique's Restaurant on the northern shore. They have a pagoda dining hall with large windows and great views of the Atlantic - more upscale and definitely worth checking out.

Conch PizzaUnique's Restaurant

(The following 3 paragraphs are excerpts borrowed with thanks to owners of "Calypso" in N. Palmetto Point.)

The village (Palmetto Point) itself is well worth exploring on foot or bicycle. While it is not very prosperous, it is well kept, friendly and can exude a benevolent peacefulness that makes one question the frenzy of life in the States. The settlement has several general stores, notably Millardís and Sandís at the main crossroads. "Mate and Jennieís", near the crossroads, is a very popular restaurant with a bar and pool table.

If you walk north along the Bank Road in North Palmetto Point, you will see various winter residentsí houses, and tracks leading down to the beach. After a half-mile or so you come to "Unique Village", a very pleasant restaurant overlooking the ocean. Before you enter the village you will see a track marked "Popponi", which brings you to another endless magnificent beach, which stretches north for miles with nary a house in sight. In fact there are so many superb beaches on Eleuthera, and so few people, that you could visit a new beach every day for a month and not encounter a soul.

If instead of turning into the village you continue north along the Bank Road you will pass the Green Thumb, the only garden center on the island, and then various impressive winter residentsí houses, with some access points to further magnificent beaches, and finally a fork which turns right into the Club Med compound, and left up a steep hill into Governorís Harbour, the capital. This can also be reached more directly (albeit with less of a scenic view) via the Queenís Highway.

Justice of the Peace

GETTING MARRIED? Come to Palmetto Point! Joshua Culmer can do the job, as he is the Justice of the Peace on this part of the island (He is also the insurance salesman, rents cars, and owns Tacy Auto Parts and Service Center). For a small fee, Mr. Culmer can help you find your way into wedded bliss. Call him at (242) 332-1256.

Bahama Villa view

Then take your honeymoon at Bahama Villa in nearby Ten Bay, about 3 miles south of the Point. This beautiful oceanfront home is owned by Michael and Brigitte Craig, overlooks the bay and the beach, and rents for only $995 per week.

If you need household items and hardware, go see Fred Mingo at the Mermaid Depot (near the junction, going towards the North Point), or Uniques Hardware on Queens' Highway towards GH. For groveries, just drive to the central intersection. If you have a VCR and are in the mood for videos, Thompsons Seaside Convenience Store in South Palmetto (past Mate and Jenny's) has a wide selection. Although the packaging is not up to Blockbuster standards, the cost is only a dollar a night. Call them at (242) 332-1135 to see what they have, or just go by.

Should you want honest-to-goodness Bahamian Soul Food, call Mavis Johnson at (242) 332-1880. For a little gas money she will even deliver if you are staying in the area.

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