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Welcome to our oceanfront rental at Ten Bay. There is more fish here than you could imagine. Divers and snorkelers are excited with the vast coral reef just around the bend from the bay, in easy swimming access to our house! Frogs, crickets, egrets and other birds surround you with the sounds of silence as your worries slip away.

Our house is Bahama Villa. It is your home away from home . . . a verypleasant diversion from the rough-and-tumble business world and harsh nightlife of the big cities. Watch the "sunclipse" over the ocean, then watch the myriad of stars as they massage your eyes and thrill your heart.Come to the island of eleuthera!

Your options on things to do? Simple: play or rest. Swim or eat. You choose. No hurry, Mon. The island is 100 miles of beaches on both sides, although the Caribbean is generally more accessible. And you need a car.Buses are non-existent and taxis very expensive. Walking the island is neither practical unless you're into hitchhiking!

Our home has two bedrooms, a bath and outdoor shower, new wicker furniture,TV/VCR, phone, books, tapes, cassettes, CD's, and a fully-furnished kitchen.Bahama Villa rents for $995 per week for two guests (as of April/2004). Interested? Click on the banner:

While you're here, explore the island. Visit the narrow causeway that connects the north and south parts of the island - the "Glass Window." There is no glass here. Its a place where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet.It used to be a natural rock bridge until shortly after WWII, then Hurricanes Andrew and Floyd combined to knock it out again in 1993 and '99.

Like fishing? This is the best place on earth to be for bone fishing.You can rent a little dinghy, charter a yacht, or just fish off your veryown peninsula in the bay. Either way, your sure to catch something! Thebiggest catch though is grouper, conch and "crayfish" (lobster). Crab is good too, and often plentiful. For example, in the mid-summer monthsright before hurricane season, large land crabs take their pilgrimage from the Atlantic coast to the Caribbean side - an average of two milesacross rough terrain, through villages, and across the biggest obstacle of all - Queens Highway. While "Caribbean roadkill" is sometimes scooped up by the locals, its probably best to catch it fresh!

If you choose to rent a car (strongly advised - Eleuthera is 100 miles long!), then take the tour from north to south. You will discover densewooded areas, and other areas where there is hardly anything at all . . .testament to the awesome power of hurricanes.

Gregory Town, Governor's Harbour, Harbour Island, Spanish Wells, Rock Sound, and Windemere Island . . . all hold a different scenic possibility.Anyway you look at it, however, Eleuthera has some of the friendliest people on earth and - without a doubt - some of THE best beaches!Come soon, stay long, and visit often. You will see why the Greek name ofthis island means "Freedom."

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