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The Story of Hatchet Bay & Alice Town

Alice Town / Hatchet Bay

Before the the 1940's and the creation of "The Cut," a 90-foot artificial opening created by amphibious earth-moving machines, Hatchet Bay did not exist; only a land-bound lake next to Alice Township. After "the cut," Hatchet Bay then became known as the "country's safest harbour" since it was completely enclosed and provided terrific protection from foul winds and storms. It became, therefore, an inviting stop for cruising vessels and home to the Hatchet Bay Marina. For a listing of other marinas on Eleuthera, Click Here.

Alice Town can also boast that it is the home of Eleutheran poet Carmelina Dean-Burrows.

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Things to Do

Hatchet Bay  Alice Town / Hatchet Bay  Hatchet Bay Pier

Alice Town is a simple, authentic Bahamian settlement. No frills. No glamour. Located within walking distance of the dock at Hatchet Bay, this small township is a nice place to unwind a bit, take care of a few domestic chores, and experience a little Bahamian life-style. There's a laundromat, a post office and a couple of small markets. Stop in at Reds (The Bayview Club, dockside) or the Forget Me Not Club for game of pool and a drink, or the Seaside Club if you want to watch some cable TV. Nearby beaches are Hatchet Bay Beach, and Rainbow Beach and Hidden Beach to the south.

Hatchet Bay Caves

A few miles north of Alice Town, you can see the remains of a once thriving cattle and dairy plantation established in the 1950ís. Destroyed by hurricanes and abandoned in the 60's, this area is now just an expanse of fields and home to the Hatchet Bay Caves, a mile-long cavern filled with bats, stalagtites, stalagmites, and (unfortunately) grafitti from careless visitors who don't appreciate the delicate ecosystem of such underground treasures. If you go, be sure to bring long pants, a flashlight and preferrably a guide who knows the way.

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Cave Sign  Entrance to the Caves  Cave Views  Cave Exit

Raibow Inn Restaurant

For some of the best food and entertainment on the island, check out the Rainbow Inn, about 2.5 miles south of Alice Town on the Queen's Highway. Owner Ken Keene provides great views, Caribbean music, fine dining, a few rental villas, and prices that tend to be on the higher side, but it's definitely worth a visit. For dinner reservations, call Rainbow Inn at (242) 335-0294. Go on Wednesday nights from 7-9 pm when Dr. Seabreeze (below) provides the guitar strumming and singing of such great island Reggae hits as "Day-O" and "Don't Touch Me Tomato." He sells his CD's at the restaurant. You can also order then through Longbight Music, 5211 Ocean Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34242 USA or call (941) 346-2995.

Dr. Seabreeze  Dance Night  Don't Touch Me Tomato

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Local Guides

Phillip Thompson

Call Phillip Thompson evenings at (242) 335-5243 for a guided tour through the Hatchet Bay Caves or other points of interest. Phillip works during the mornings pouring concrete steps off jagged cliffs. He used to be a commercial fisherman until Hurricane Andrew in 1993 wiped out his one-boat "fleet" docked at the Hatchet Bay pier - the "country's safest harbour"...

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Getting There

Hatchet Bay Marina

HATCHET BAY / ALICE TOWN is located about six miles south of Gregory Town along the Queen's Highway towards Governors Harbour. The closest airport is Governors Harbour Airport (GHB), about 11 miles away. Commercial flights like US Air Express and BahamasAir arrive daily. Twin Air, Lynx, Chart, and other private carriers also make regular stopovers from the U.S. and other family islands. Click here for more information.

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