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A Brief History

GOVERNORS HARBOUR is near the center of the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas and is the first permanent European settlement and first Republican form of government in the New World.

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Governors Harbour and the Arawak island of Cigatoo were uninhabited in 1648 when William Sayles and his hardy religious freedom-seeking adventurers arrived. Sayles, a former governor of Bermuda, set sail in 1647 to establish new lands to the south. Several weeks after embarking from Bermuda towards the warmer climes in the south, Sayles ship-wrecked on the reefs of the northern end of the island, near the area now known as Preachers Cave. It was here that the thankful survivors named their island Eleuthera, the Greek word for freedom.

Eventually, Sayles' followers made it around the island to a quiet harbour on the Caribbean coast and set up the first new world republic on Cupids Cay in 1648. As with many new ventures, however, arguments arose about basic survival needs and many left. Some went back to Bermuda to beg forgiveness of the King and resume their lives. Others followed Sayles to New Providence and set up the first Bahamian Capital at Nassau. Eleuthera had brief prosperity in the mid-1800's when the pineapple was king, but today tourism is the key industry.

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Things to Do

St. Michael's Church

VISIT THE BEAUTIFUL CHURCHES and the town's 100-year-old library that has recently been renovated and re-stocked. If you choose to stay here there are several options, although its best to make reservations well in advance. For a great getaway, check out Bahama Villa at Ten Bay. Email us for details. For supplies, there are two grocery stores in town, a bank, liquor and hardware stores, a travel agent, beauty shop, and boutique.

The Old Library
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Getting There

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G.H. is in the geographical center of Eleuthera. It is eight miles south of G.H. Airport, with commercial flights to the U.S. and other family islands. Click here for flight information.

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