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Bahama Vacation Ideas

Come to the Bahamas. There is more variety than you could imagine.Not only is the nightlife exquisite (check out the casinos and shows in Nassau and Freeport, GBI), the show underwater is just as superb! Diversand surfers from around the world flock to these former British islands toplay. Most, however, come to rest in the sun. Now you can too . . . and at a price you can easily afford. Come to the island of eleuthera!

Your options on things to do? Simple: play or rest. Swim or eat. You choose. No hurry, Mon. The island is 100 miles of beaches on both sides, although the Caribbean is generally more accessible. You have your choice of rentals: motel room or private home. You need a car, however. Walking theisland is a fantasy, unless you're into hitchhiking around to explore the many wonders!

Most of the tourist places are in the north, like the big resorts on Harbour Island. There are less "touristy" places in the north too, like Spanish Wells, a mostly-white fishing settlement. Both of these smaller cays are reached by ferry boat. While you're up north, stop in and visit Preacher's Cave, the refuge of the first permanent European settlers in both Eleutheraand the west. Roger Sayle's small group shipwrecked here back in 1648.

Going futher south, you will pass many small settlements, then over anarrow causeway that goes by the name of the "Glass Window." There is noglass, although you will notice that the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean meet here ever so slightly. The causeway used to be a natural rock bridge untilhurricanes knocked it out in the late 1940's.

Gregory Town is your next destination. This sleepy little village is hometo some of the nicest and brightest people on the island. The yearly summer pineapple festival draws visitors from as far away as Europe andCanada.

You'll want to stay, however, in or near Governor's Harbour. It is centrally located so you can choose to travel either north or south. It also has its own airport, bay, and history. Governor's Harbour is where Captain Roger Sayles set up the first Republican form of government in the western hemisphere and where graves and legends abound tell stories of pirates, treasure, and the golden age in the 1800's when Governor's was the center of the world for pineapple exports.

South of Governor's Harbour - about 8 miles as the crow flies - there isa little place called Ten Bay that has some houses you can rent. Besidesits remoteness, this bay has one of the prettiest beaches on the island.Hang out. Read a book. Watch the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the Caribbean! Our house is Bahama Villa. We love it, and invite you tovisit!

Discover the joy of Eleuthera Bahamas. You'll come back again and again.

Did I mention value? Prices on Ten Bay run from about $800 to $2500, depending on the size of the house and the amenities you are willing to pay for. Our home - Bahama Villa - rents for $995 per week for 2 people. It has 2 bedrooms and one bath, AC, phone, TV/VCR and a birds-eye view of the bay. The waves are gentle and the water calm, so don't forget to bring your fishing and diving gear! If we are booked or you need more space, however, contact us to put you in touch with one of our neighbors.

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